Sunday, 17 September 2017

Jumma Mubarak Dua Me Yaad Rakhna (Best Dilogues Of Jumma Mubarak)

By Zoya Makrani

Jumma Mubarak Dua Me Yaad Rakhna : - hello there welcome back to the greatest blog of jumma mubarak and here i will something new with you. islam is the religion of peace but almost 90% medias are trying to infamous to the holly islam but don't worry they are promoting islam and when they will trying to infamous islam it will be getting a more famous. anyway friend this is my own small intention about media.  anyway friends just forget about that and let's remember our best day like jumma.   

here i have collected some best dialogues of jummah and i hope you will like it. duaao me yaad rakhana and many more jummah dialogues are very famous. and here i have gathered some of from that. 

Jumma mubarak dialogues 

duaao me yaad rakhna
duaao me yaad rakhna

Jumma Mubarak SMS
Today is Friday . . .
the day of acceptance of Dua!
I pray to ALLAH for u nd ur family a good health,
long life, brilliant success, Barkat-e-Kaseer in ur Jan-o-Mal,
Izzat, Eeman, Sehat, Rizq, Elm and Umr and all joys of life
which u have ever wished.
Jumma mubarak 


Jo Mugh Par Shab-E -Jummah Or Roz-E-Jummah 100 Dafa Daroode Pak Pary Ga

Allah Tala Uski 100 Jaiz Hajty Puri Farmyee Ga

70 Aakhrat Ki 30 Dunya Ki

Merciful ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many But Your Mercy Is Limitless Please Forgive Us You Are The Greatest Forgiver You Love To Forgive Plz Forgive me, my Parents, my Family, my friends And The Whole Muslim Ummahh Past & Present ( A A M E E N )
Jumma Mubarak!!

The Beautiful Word Iz ALLAH
The Beautiful Word Iz ALLAH
Most Beautiful Song Is AZAN
Best Exercise Is NAMAZ
World Prfect Book Is QURAN
nd u r So Lucky If U r A MUSALMAN
Happy Jumma Mubarek
to You & ur family.


Prayer is an amazing exchange…

We hand over our worries 2 Allah…
& He hands over peace 2 us..!!! 🙂

%%%%%HApPY FRidaY%%%


*NAMAZ* Jaisi Koi Ebaadat Nahi.
HAJJ* Jaisi Koi Ziyaarat Nahi.
*ISLAM* Jaisa Koi Mazhab Nahi.
*QURAN* Jaisi Koi Kitaab Nahi.
*MADEENE* Jaisa Koi Sheher Nahi.
*KALME* Jaisi Koi Dolat Nahi.
*DAROOD PAAK*Jaisa Koi Khazana Nahi. Aur
*JUMMMA* Jaisa Koi Din Nahi. ♥♥♥♥


 Bus Duaao me Yaad Rakhna, Aur Khuda Ke Zikr Ka jubaa pe swaad rakhna, assala-mo-alikum and allah hafij, zumma mubarak...